It’s not unusual anymore to see a man in the seat next to you at the nail salon getting a pedicure. These days men seem to be taking a tip from women and carving out time in their busy schedules to spruce up. With the kiddos running around and stepping up to help out the wife, it is these 6 reasons why dads everywhere should get a facial.

Men produce more oil

According to dermatologists, men produce higher levels of oils than women because they have more testosterone. Dad’s oily skin makes him more likely to get blackheads and acne breakouts. Estheticians recommend men get facials to deep clean the pores, riding it of the oil and dirt build up. A  monthly facial will help dad’s skin stay hydrated, moisturized, and less shiny. If dad has a beard they will need a deep cleansing beneath it to prevent oil from building up as well.

You’ll get a smoother shave

A common consequence of shaving is that it can cause inflammation, skin irritation, and possibly even ingrown hair. If you shave every day or every few weeks, your skin will greatly benefit from a nice facial. The masks and moisturizers that an esthetician uses during a facial exfoliate the skin addressing the issues in which shaving can cause. Plus it keeps your skin smooth, something that your spouse will appreciate!

Replenishes your skin

Between shaving and the sun’s rays, a man’s skin is more easily dehydrated. Unfortunately, all this causes the skin to lose its elasticity. Without proper moisturization, your skin becomes wrinkled which, ages you significantly. Dad, if you want to stay looking young longer, a facial is the best way to rehydrate your skin slowing down the aging process.   

Promotes relaxation

Dads have a lot going on in their lives. On top of working, they also need to run the kids around town and help mom fix things whenever they go wrong. All this can take a toll on both the body and mind. Take a deep breath and take that step into the spa for an hour of “dad time.” A face massage can melt away any thoughts,  you’ll leave more relaxed, and ready to take on any responsibility life may throw at you.

Learn from the pros

Keeping your skin healthy doesn’t stop at getting a facial every now and again. Making time to get to the spa gives you an opportunity to speak with an experienced esthetician about how to maintain your skin. They can recommend products to use daily and different techniques on how to apply them. The knowledge you’ll gain from each facial keeps you in the know, versus guessing on how to keep your skin healthy.

Real men get facials

You don’t know what it is like until you give it a shot! Dad, if you’re still hesitant about the idea, bring along that special woman in your life who knows all too well what a facial is like. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the tingly sensation of fresh, clean, and glowing skin.