Essential oils are an integral part of your personalized experience here at Urban Squeeze. We want you to gain the benefits of better health and balance while helping you destress and relax. We believe that essential oils can effectively treat common ailments. Aromatherapy can also help trigger certain states of mind for rejuvenation and relaxation.

By incorporating rich essential oil blends that are designed for your health and relaxation, we can help you find the balance you deserve. Your mind and body are worth it. By using essential oil in massage, we are able to use the healing powers of nature in combination with the health benefits of time-honored muscle relaxation techniques. Studies have shown that essential oils and massage can create a perfect storm of health benefits such as improved sleep quality, reduction of anxiety, stabilization of mood, increased mental capacity, and improvement in memory.

As our stress increases, our bodies break down until muscles grow tense, our systems suffer, and our minds can’t focus. Research suggests that 90% of illness are caused or made worse by stress. This is due to the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. Massage and essential oil application can reduce cortisol dramatically and allow serotonin (a feel-good, anti-pain hormone) to increase. This extra boost helps you fight off pain and anxiety leading to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

We use aromatherapy to create calming and soothing scents that induce relaxation and clarity. With our AromaTouch technique, we apply eight specific therapeutic grade essential oils to trigger relaxation and balance, and offer it for most of our massages.

Our goal is to provide you with a customized, holistic experience that will help rejuvenate you and your body. We are just as rough on our minds as we are on our bodies and essential oils provide a bridge between nature and our busy world.

We use blends from the doTerra collection because they are thoroughly tested and provide superior quality for naturally safe and effective therapeutic-grade essential oils. They take intricate care in the harvest, distillation, and distribution of their oils so we know that you’ll receive the best possible care at our hands.

Your mind, body, and health are worth it.  Set up your appointment today and feel the benefits first hand. If you’re a new client, make sure you check out our New Client Special. Our summer 6 pack discount is still going strong. Don’t miss out!