About Urban Squeeze

At Urban Squeeze, we’re here to help you relax and improve your overall wellness.  Offering massage and skincare services, as well as, including doTERRA essential oils into all of our sessions. The Urban Squeeze team incorporates stretching and “squeezing” techniques to help promote relaxation, pain/stress relief, and we like to focus on your overall wellbeing!

We’re an eclectic group of licensed professionals who have specialities in a variety of unique therapies.  Whether you’re looking for an “always good” relaxation massage, or are looking for a specific type of treatment, our team is sure meet your needs.  Learn all about our different massage types HERE.

We believe that your skin matters, especially in our dry climate in Colorado!  That’s why we offer comprehensive facials and skincare services to help your skin look and feel great!  You can learn more about our facials and skincare services HERE.

Our Philosophy:

Your Body and Skin simply Knead a little more.

Rachael Smolinski

Rachael has a huge passion for helping people live the life they love, and she does that not only with massage therapy and facials, but with her business.  Rachael founded Urban Squeeze five years ago with the goal of creating a happy environment for therapists to care for our clients.  “This isn’t a machine; it’s a living, breathing organism,” she says.  She’s built a team of therapists that all have their own specialty and unique perspective to help clients.

Rachael has been an aesthetician for twelve years and a massage therapist for six.  Holding many hats in the past as aesthetics instructor, a director of aesthetics programs, and many more, these positions have helped her dig deep into the industry to be able to offer the very best of Urban Squeeze. Rachael is dually licensed in the state of Colorado, holding her associates degree in anatomy and physiology as well.

Rachael LOVES offering the following services:

-Customized Facials



-Sports Massage

-Thai Massage

-Heated Bamboo Massage

Rachael has three dogs, son, and husband whom she adores!.

Brianna Arias

Brianna fell in love with skincare when she, her mother, sisters had a spa day. They all received different skin care treatments and the change she seen in each of us afterward were not only skin deep. They all felt more comfortable in their skin and Brianna, personally gained a feeling of confidence she had never felt before. This is when she decided to help others feel the same way through skincare.

Brianna is a master esthetician, graduating from the national laser institute, and have over 10 years of experience. Brianna am married to Zachariah, who has always been supportive of her dreams. She also have two fur babies and my pride and joys are my 15 nieces and nephews.

Brianna states “I am overjoyed to be working with the amazing people at Urban Squeeze, who care as much about health, wellness and our clients as much as I do”.

John Frederick

John became licensed in massage therapy in 2012, after graduating from the Denver School of Massage Therapy. Shortly after, he worked to obtain his Master BodyWorker Certification which includes the in depth studies of:

•Myokinetics Techniques


•Neuromuscular Therapy

•Functional Assessment

John is a father of three little ones and have an amazing wife who has who is his rock and a steady hand of support. John states his driving source is his own body! He found many ways throughout my life to beat it up and tried many different approaches. However, he found the best results through massage, especially with Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, and Neuromuscular massage therapies.

Meta Foster

Meta (pronounced may-ta) began her journey into Aesthetics and Nails graduating from Elan Institute of Cosmetology in 2006. She became licensed in esthetics and nails. Meta has always had a passion for skin health and wellness, beginning around the age of 13 from living on a beach and seeing the effects the sun has on skin as it ages.

Meta is an avid lover of all things eye cream, chemical peels, and believe that prevention is the best form of skin care. She is a firm believer that a great skin care routine is key to skin health and longevity.

Meta is a mom to one little girl, an Army wife, and states  “I’m excited to be here at Urban Squeeze where I can practice my love of skin care while being a full-time mom. Nothing is greater in life than enjoying what you do.”

Ginny Dantzler

Ginny found her love for bodywork while attending the Denver School of Massage Therapy. Her passion is in integrative therapy – which is the utilization of many massage styles to offer a unique and personalized experience. Ginny like’s to think that her style focuses on structural bodywork, however she does enjoy blending eastern techniques into her massage sessions.
Ginny love’s helping clients achieve their goals for pain management, postural alignment, as well as stress reduction. With the intent of expanding her knowledge in healing arts she feels that her style will frequently evolve.

Ginny’s philosophy is always rooted from sympathetic healing.

She is also an abstract artist and a lover or hiking, live music, reading and traveling.

Devon Bacca

Devon’s passion for Aesthetics has always been inspired by the amazing women in her life. From her Mother’s daily application of makeup, to tweezing her maternal grandmother’s “bothersome” chin hairs at the age of 10, and the constant reminders from her paternal grandmother of the importance of cleansing and moisturizing the face day and night.

In 2014, Devon took a leap of faith and followed her dreams by enrolling in the Aveda Institute of Denver. Upon graduation and becoming a licensed Aesthetician, she began her journey as a waxing specialist, where I practiced for the past 2 years.

Devon states “I am excited to be back in a spa setting, with overall wellness as my focal point. I have a servant’s heart, and love to help people be the best versions of themselves. I am excited to be at Urban Squeeze as I am now able to educate based upon your skin care types, wants, and needs.”

By the way,  she is also a hugger and a Colorado Native!

Lacy Rudd

Lacy is a lover of life and achiever of dreams.

She graduated from The Berkana Institute in December 2017, with a wide variety of training in different modalities from Sports massage, Prenatal massage, Thai massage, Deep Tissue and more. She hopes to continue her studies in Myofascial Release. She loves integrating different techniques to create a massage to match your exact needs. She hopes to help you feel more embodied, more present, and overall, provide a deeper sense of well-being.

Lacy also trained as a doula with the Sacred Doula program in Bali and lived in a gentle birth clinic in Denpasar for 3 months for a study abroad leadership in midwifery course through the Birth Institute in 2014. Helping women through the transformative journey of motherhood is a passion of Lacy’s that she hopes to continue through massage therapy.

Lacy is also a professional belly dancer for The Phantom Circus and loves nature, music, fitness, crafting, RUSH, and quality time with friends and family.