Helping You Live YOUR Life Well!

We are rough on our bodies!  From our mind to our skin to our muscles, we can take a beating.  Massage and facial therapies are two vital areas of self care that can make a HUGE difference for your mental health, physical health, and emotional health.

At Urban Squeeze, our goal is to provide you with the customized experience to help rejuvenate you and your body, allowing you to live a full life!  Our team is full of aestheticians and therapists who work in a variety of specialities, giving you the options of a larger spa, but with the personalization from a team that really cares.

A Natural Approach.

We believe in a balanced life, which is why we have a number of products we use and sell.  We are proud resellers of doTerra essential oils, as well as the products, which you can learn about HERE.  All of our team members are on the lookout for the best resources in holistic health, and we’re happy to share this knowledge with our clients!

Next Steps…

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