There are so many different commercial air fresheners out there to choose between. From “Summer Breeze” to “Tropical Getaway” the variations are seemingly limitless. However, with these commercial products often comes a long list of chemicals that we cannot even begin to pronounce. These chemicals are created to artificially achieve a desired scent, but often do not even actually smell like the origin of the product itself. It is like the banana flavored taffy that is so overly sweet that it does not actually even taste like a real banana. There is nothing authentic about that!

Many of us love to freshen up out homes and make them smell new and vibrant, but how do we do that without spraying these harmful chemicals into the air that we breathe? Essential oils! Essential oils are created from the extraction of a plant or herbs natural oils and properties and then distilled into a concentrated useful product. Not only do they actually smell like the real materials that they come from, but also offer physical and mental benefits as well. Your grocery store air freshener will not do that!

So how do you take these little bottles of essential oils and make your home smell fresh like summer? We have put together a list of different oil friendly methods to accomplish this while also using them for more than just air refreshers


This is one of the easiest methods and usually the first for new oil users. A diffuser is a device that mixes your oils with water and turns them into a vapor to widely disperse your oils into the air. The beauty of this is that you can mix a variety of oils at a time and customize your own favorite scents. One of our favorites is a mix of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. Not only does this smell fresh and vibrant, but is also known as the allergy trio. The combination of these three oils helps relieve seasonal allergies and help brighten your home at the same time!


Did you know that you can use your oils to clean your home? Thanks to many oil’s antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties they make for an exceptional companion to your house keeping needs. Do you have a crusty burned cookie sheet? Put a couple of drops of lemon oil on the pan and spread evenly. Let sit for up to an hour and the grime will be easier to wipe away. Orange oil is great for wood furniture and flooring. Mix in a glass spray bottle with distilled water and witch hazel (mixing agent for the oil and water) and spray on your floor before mopping. You can also put a couple of drops on a washcloth and rub into wood furniture to nourish and restore its rich character.


Wearing oils is another great way to enjoy your oils wherever you go. The majority of essential oils available are able to be applied topically and offer a huge variety of health benefits as well. Lavender is great for easing feelings of anxiousness or stress and can be applied under the jaw line and the wrists. Peppermint is great for improving your mental focus and giving you that second wind in the midafternoon. Always be sure to check the safety rules for the oils you use, especially when using a new to you oil.


If you prefer to just be able to do a little spritz of fragrance when you feel like it, spraying is a great option. You can buy little 2oz glass spray bottles online at minimal cost and create a large variety of scents to choose from. When mixing, put a few drops of each of the oils you want into the bottle first. Then fill the bottle to at least a third of the way with witch hazel which serves as a mixing agent for the oils and water. Fill the rest of the way with filtered water and presto! An all-natural uniquely you customized air freshener to keep your home smelling like summer all year long!