1. Seasonal Skin Moisturizers

Seasons are not always created equally.  In the winter months your skin is often drier and lacks moisture, so a heavier cream is optimal.  In the summer humidity is a factor and the heavier moisturizer can cause breakouts and, in most cases, can contribute to oily skin.  Our Urban Squeeze experts recommend switching up your skincare regimen with a lightweight product like Hale & Hush’s Vital Lipid Moisturizer or Skin Scripts Light Aloe Moisturizer.

2. Collagen Supplements

Collagen promotes a youthful look and can ward off fine lines and skin sagging.  We recommend Ben Fuch’s Truth Treatment System Collagen Supplements to increase plumpness and lift eyelids and extenuate cheekbones.  

3. Ditch the Foundation

Heavy foundations can be toxic to your pores.  During the heated months we urge you to consider a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation.  Also, consider doing your pores a favor and challenge yourself to 100 days without make-up. Truly, it can revolutionize your skins glow.  

4. Sweat

Don’t be afraid to get active and detox – your skin goes through cycles and can really benefit from a healthy water purge.  

5. Hydrate

Have you heard the phrase, “you are what you eat?” It also includes what you drink. Be sure to stay hydrated to avoid fine lines. As the humidity rises the need for water also arises. Your body will ration its water supply and your skin is a key indicator in telling you if you are dehydrated.