Since February is the month of love, We have compiled a fun list of 8 fabulous ideas to practice self-love.

If you aren’t practicing self-love (or self-care) yet, there is no better time to START, than NOW!

Self-love may look different to everyone. For some it might it be a face mask and a warm bubble bath, while others may opt for that new yoga class. Whatever gets you to slow down and do something for yourself, that is self-care!

At times it seems as though society can paint self-care as being selfish there are other “productive” things we could be doing. Taking care of yourself will improve not only your professional life but your personal life as well. We all face different obstacles and stressors on the daily which can really take a toll on the body and mind!

Just remind yourself, you don’t have a partner to commit to caring about you.

1. Schedule a spa day.

Yes, it may be a surprise coming from us, but a spa day is one of the best ways to show yourself some love. Whether it’s getting a massage to alleviate some pain or a facial to get your glow on, just the sheer experience of lying down and letting go will help your body. And if you have a loved one, why wouldn’t you bring them along?

2. Attend a winery or brewery tour.

Denver loves its breweries. It seems there is a new one popping up every day. But did you know we also have wineries? Go check them out and take a tour. It’s a fun way to be social and learn something in the process. Get a group of friends together and see what goes into what they do behind the scenes.

3. Draw up a ”fancy” bath.

Beautiful smelling essential oils. Tingling bath salts. Candles galore. Sounds nice, right? Pamper yourself with aromatherapy and alleviating muscle aches all at the same time.

4. Try a new class.

Pottery. Hot yoga. Woodworking. Karate. If you’ve ever thought “hmm, that could be fun” sign up and immerse yourself. Who knows, you might gain a new hobby!

5. Cook a new recipe.

Find the latest recipe you’ve saved and make it! Appreciate the process of preparing it and then sit down with your favorite show and enjoy!

6. Get some air.

Colorado has hiking all over. Although it may be our cold season, getting out and about in nature is so good for the soul! Even if you don’t think you are the hiking type, get outside and find a park to catch some fresh air and a little sunshine. Be sure to wear your hat and SPF!

7. Go to a dine-in theatre.

If you haven’t been to one yet, now is the time. Imagine going to that new movie you’ve been dying to see and being wined and dined the entire time without missing a second. Pure magic!

8. Explore a new part of the city.

Denver is full of many upbeat, eclectic undiscovered neighborhood gems that house boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops. Exploring a new subculture of the city is fun and even educational. You never know who you could meet or what experiences may wait for you!

Let us know what you do to practice self-love!