Massage During Your Pregnancy

How Massage Can Help When You’re Pregnant

Massage During Your PregnancyWhen you’re pregnant, your body is going through a lot of changes. These changes can often lead to new types of aches and pains. From the swelling in your legs and ankles to the uncomfortable positions you have to get into to get a moment’s rest, it can be a downright uncomfortable nine months.  Many expecting moms are looking for the best way to ease those pains and the solution may be more natural than you think.  

Massage therapy is a great way to help with many of the chronic problems associated with pregnancy. As with anything during pregnancy, there are special considerations to factor into any treatment you try. Here’s how you can benefit from massage therapy during your pregnancy.

Find the Right Massage Therapist

If you’re pregnant and considering getting a massage, it’s important you find the right massage therapist. Not everyone who is listed as offering massage has been specially trained to deal with the issues related to pregnancy. That’s why it is important to ask for the massage therapist’s credentials so you can determine if they are trained in providing pre-natal massage. Another good way to find a licensed massage therapist with special training is to ask your personal physician.  Many doctors can make recommendations regarding local massage therapists.

What Are the Benefits?

So what exactly can massage therapy help you with?  One of the most obvious benefits is alleviating muscle aches and swollen, painful joints, especially in the ankles and knees. Massage also brings an overall feeling of relaxation and has been found to reduce depression and anxiety. 

Regular massages can also help regulate hormones by reducing your cortisol levels that affect your stress. Therapeutic massage can also increase your production of dopamine and serotonin, which are like natural antidepressants to help you beat the pregnancy blues.  

Because massages help to ease joint tension and relax muscles, it can also help to ease and relax the pelvis, helping it to stay more in alignment with the rest of your body.  Some studies have pointed to the possibility that this will help ease complications during birth and make the experience a little bit easier.

If you are pregnant and interested in visiting a licensed massage therapist, make sure to talk to your physician first.  Generally, massage is not a good idea for those with high-risk pregnancies or women in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.  However, if your doctor gives you the thumbs up, consider it lovely way to ease your aches and pains.

The Benefits of Prenatal Pampering

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. The feel of your baby as it kicks inside your tummy is enough to keep a smile on your face. Pregnancy, however, also comes with its fair share of discomfort, fatigue, and skin issues. What’s a mamma-to-be to do? Well if you want to justify getting a massage or facial, here are 6 reasons why you need a little prenatal pampering.

All-natural remedy

When you’re pregnant, a lot of medicine and painkillers are off-limits due to the harm they could cause to the baby. Prenatal pampering offers a medicine-free way to sooth aches and pains. It also doubles as a way to relax without the use of the casual cocktail you enjoy after a long day.

Stress relief

As the baby grows, so does your discomfort level. Your large tummy may cause lower back pain, leg cramps, muscle tension, and whole body stiffness. Not to mention the hit that your weight-bearing joints take on while you are pregnant. Prenatal pampering is a great remedy to ease these symptoms and relieve whole body stress.

Stabilizes hormonal levels

Your hormone levels get all out of whack when you are pregnant. You may not have seen a pimple since you were 15, but you’ll most likely start to see them again. A non-abrasive facial increases circulation and promotes cell renewal. For those who experience acne during pregnancy, a deep-cleansing facial is just the trick to return the natural glow to your skin.

Keeps the blood flow going

Blood volume can increase more than 60 percent while pregnant. The demand placed on the circulatory system works the heart harder. The increase in your body’s blood pressure makes it tough to get oxygenated blood to the brain and other parts of the body. A massage or rejuvenating facial stimulates the circulatory system and returns your blood flow to normal. Also, a healthy blood flow stimulates the lymph system bringing necessary nutrients to the uterus and placenta keeping the baby healthy.

Enhances the pliability of skin

When you are pregnant, you’ll notice that your skin feels dry and cracked. Bring some life back into your face with a deep-cleansing facial. A moisturizing mask reaches deep into your pores providing relief. This kind of prenatal pampering keeps your skin healthy until your little one arrives.

Medicine for the mind
You are about to have a baby! The thought alone brings thoughts racing through your mind. Before the baby comes you will need clothes, diapers, strollers, and even a college fund! It’s safe to say that kicking your feet up for some prenatal pampering gives you that time to destress. After a nice massage or facial, you’ll be ready to hear the first cry of your newborn baby.

Expecting Moms Embrace Massage

A common misconception I often run into is “Is massage safe during pregnancy” My response is simple! Unless you are experiencing a known high risk pregnancy massage, YES it is safe! Taking care of your body and baby, as well as maintaining low stress is of the utmost importance during pregnancy. Massage as well as facials can help keep stress out pregnancy.

“Massage can give reassurance.” This is largely because newly pregnant women may experience a range of emotions–elation, anxiety, contentment, and even fear–made more poignant by the hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy.”

Pregnancy Massage Touch for the Mom-To-Be

 During my time in practice I have found that there are many people out there who do not realize that massage during pregnancy is SAFE and a GREAT option to reduce stress and fatigue. Prenatal massage will keep blood flow moving generously to all organs (including baby!) and may even reduce stretch marks! And in general, massage can create balance in the body. 

“Massage increases flexibility, enhancing the ability to carry this extra weight while also relieving aches and pains, leg cramps, and muscle spasms.”