Anti-Aging Facial? Oh My!

How a Cryoskin Facial Can Help You Look Younger

Time really does begin to show in us through fine lines, wrinkles, and/or loose skin. Fortunately, there is a treatment that can help reduce the pesky effects of aging by firming up the skin around your face and neck, as well as lifting the skin causing a more plump, supple, and lifted outcome. This treatment is called a Cryoskin facial and its effects leave you looking healthier and younger after your first treatment!

How Does a Cryoskin Facial Work?

This non-invasive facial treatment lasts about 20 minutes. We ask our clients to come in with a clean face or we can add this onto any of our routine facial treatments. During the CryoFacial, your Cryoskin certified technician provides you with a specially designed facial massage that integrates a series of warm and cold temperatures. The series of alternating temperatures are applied through a nickel-plated wand which causes blood vessels in the targeted areas to undergo a process known as vasodilation and vasoconstriction. Think of this as a “pump” within the body allowing increased blood flow which leads to an increase in production of collagen and elastin. Collagen is what provides skin its supple, plump look and elastin is what gives your skin its bounce. The overall result is a reduction in the signs of aging and wrinkles, leaving you with a more youthful appearance. 

This treatment is completely painless and many customers find it pleasant and relaxing. Even better is that the results are immediate and long lasting, even after just one session! It leaves you with an immediate feeling of freshness as well as firmer, tighter skin, helping you look younger and healthier! 

The Benefits of a Cryoskin Facial

There are many benefits of receiving a Cryoskin facial. Some of those benefits include:

  • Pore tightening due to the effects of the intense cold
  • Skin that is glowing and more vibrant thanks to the increased flow of oxygenated blood to the face
  • A reduction in visible wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighter, firmer skin on the face and neck
  • A reduction in redness of the skin (this treatment is a form of training for blood vessels, which can increase the resistance of sensitive skin and reduces redness)
  • Reduced puffiness and inflammation in the skin
  • Localized treatment may also help reduce the symptoms of migraines as well

Who Can Benefit from a Cryoskin Facial?

The answer? Anyone seeking a more youthful and glowing appearance! Cryoskin facials can target the face, scalp, neck and décolletage depending on the areas you wish to treat, and because it is non-invasive, there is no downtime compared to other active skin care treatments. This is truly a non-surgical “face-lift” option for those who may prefer a less aggressive option.  This is one of the reasons that CryoFacials are so popular among celebrities. In fact, many celebrities use the treatment before big events, like a red carpet walk! 

Ready to Take the Polar Plunge?

Our Cryoskin facial service will help you look and feel younger, with instant rejuvenation to your skin and a jolt of energy for your mind and body! Head over to our online booking page to make your appointment for a Cryoskin facial today!

The Benefits of Couples Massage

Why It’s a Great Gift for You and For your Partner

Therapeutic massage has so many wonderful benefits and the same can be said for couples massage. It can be something you give as a gift or even do for a date. So just what can you expect from a couples massage session and what are all the great benefits? Let’s dive into those answers.

What to Expect

Couples massage is much the same as getting a message on your own; we offer the same customized service, however, you will be able to enjoy a massage next to your loved one. With each massage therapy session, we utilize relaxing aromatherapy to reduce tension and improve clarity. With each session, you have the added benefit of incorporating one of our specialities including:

  • Heated Deep Tissue Bamboo
  • AromaTouch Technique
  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuromuscular
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Cupping
  • Hot Stone
  • TMJ

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics of what you can expect, let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of couples massage.

The Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Sometimes it can be hard to find just the right gift for your other half, whether it’s because they already have everything or maybe you’re trying to mix up your gift-giving game. Couples massage allows you to do something new together or offers the relaxing mental shut off that you’ve both been waiting for. 

The Gift of Self-Care

We’ve all been hearing about self-care a lot over the past couple of years and there is a reason why. It is too often that we put taking care of ourselves on the back burner. This can lead to stress, anxiety, fatigue, muscle tension, pain, and so much more. By taking the opportunity to get a massage together or even just considering it as a gift, you will be giving the gift of stress relief and relaxation. The physical benefits of massage therapy include reducing pain, improving circulation, improving immune function, and lowering heart rate and blood pressure, not to mention all of the emotional benefits. What a stellar gift idea! 

The Benefits of Couples Massage

While getting a massage on your own is great, there are some specific benefits to couples massage therapy. One of those benefits is being able to enjoy some quality time together. It’s like a mini vacation from the stresses of work and life with your partner. It also gives you the opportunity to reconnect. Sometimes life gets in the way but with a couples massage, you and your loved one can focus on the here and now. A couples massage session is a great bonding experience for you and your other half. Not everyone can afford to go on a vacation but a spa day is easier on the wallet, not to mention that it is an experience that you will end up talking about for weeks.

Couples massage is also very intimate. The hormones released during the session stimulates the social hormones of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. During the session, these hormones work to lift your mood and even increase your affection toward your partner on an emotional level. It can also work on a physical level as you are more likely to enjoy more intimacy together after the massage than you would have before the session. 

The Benefits of Routine Treatment

Finally, there is something to be said for having something to look forward to. Routine couples massage therapy sessions give you the ability to look forward to something together, which encourages that bonding experience. It can also extend the benefits of massage therapy, helping to keep your stress and anxiety levels lower overall and your body feeling more limber and pain free. 

Ready to have a great date experience with your other half? Contact us today to inquire about our couples massage services.

Self-Care Tips You Can Do at Home 

7 Simple Ways You can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Self-care is important, now more than ever. There is no right or wrong way to practice self-care and there are many options to choose from that will help with decompression and/or grounding yourself; many of these things you can do from the comfort of your home. We have created a list of our favorite ways to practice self-care and hope it will help you begin to practice more regularly from anywhere you are. 


Diffusing essential oils is one of our favorite ways to unwind and de-stress. Aromatherapy triggers the relaxation response and can be used in conjunction with other methods of self-care, like meditation. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for relaxation. It’s floral scent helps to calm the mind and can even help ease you into sleep. Other good oils for relaxation include bergamot, lemongrass, neroli, chamomile and clary sage. 

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for post-workout soreness, but they can be a great stress buster as well! This form of self-massage can help to calm the nervous system and address acupressure points connected to the adrenals. It can even help to deepen the breath, helping bring your body to a more calm state. Check out this article from Well and Good with 6 stress-reducing roller moves. 

Acupressure Mat

Using an acupressure mat is an easy way to relieve tension, soreness and pain that can build up in the body and cause even more stress. These mats are designed to produce results similar to acupressure massage. The mats have several hundred plastic points that apply pressure to relieve tension, alleviate headaches and reduce pain. To use it, lay it out on a surface (beginners may want to start out on a soft surface such as a bed or sofa). You can lie on it, sit on it, or even stand on it. Be sure that you slowly and evenly distribute your weight onto the mat and don’t fidget so as not to injure yourself on the points. 


Meditation gives you the opportunity to clear your mind and center yourself. It allows you to listen to your body and to exist in the here and now. Even just a few minutes of meditation each week can help improve your mood. To help you meditate better, there are several helpful apps you can download to your phone for a guided experience. If you don’t have time for a meditation session but feel stress creeping in, take some deep, calming breaths for 15 to 30 seconds. Make sure you focus on the way the air feels as it moves in and out of your body to help focus your mind. 


Writing down your feelings is a great way to deal with what you are going through. Be sure to write down the good and the bad, including your own negative feelings about yourself. Putting it all on paper helps you to acknowledge your own feelings and either deal with the negative things or practice gratitude for what is good in your life. 

Get some Sleep

According to a Gallup poll, nearly half of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep a night. Sleep is an important part of self-care so make sure you get the amount you need to feel refreshed and ready for your day. In fact, your brain rids itself of toxins as you sleep. So whether you need to hit the sack earlier or take a nap, make sure you prioritize your sleep. 

Diet and Exercise

Eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods can help give you the energy you need to get through your day, which can keep you from feeling frazzled. Just remember to not force yourself to eat a food you don’t like just because it is healthy. If you don’t like kale, don’t eat kale! Be sure that you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy other foods in moderation as well. Also find an exercise routine that suits you. When we work out, our brain releases endorphins that help boost our mood. So not only does exercise help your body, but your mind as well!

Self-care is key in reducing stress and anxiety. Having a simple routine you can do at home can help keep those good vibes going even after your facial or massage at the Wellness Collective. Ready to take your self-care to the next level? Book a massage or skin care appointment with us online!

Keeping You Safe: Safely Getting a Facial During COVID

At the Wellness Collective, we take the safety of our clients and our employees very seriously. We understand the important role self-care plays during these highly stressful times. We also know that acne issues don’t stop just because of the pandemic. In fact, you may have noticed new or more acne on your face caused by wearing a face mask often. This phenomenon has been referred to as “mascne.” With your needs in mind as well as the importance of safety during the pandemic, we have implemented many safety precautions to keep you and our staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic so that you can continue to enjoy the treatments you have come to know and love at the Wellness Collective.

Basic Safety Protocols

Like many businesses, we are following both CDC and DORA guidance when it comes to safety during this pandemic. These basic safety protocols include wearing of masks as well as frequent handwashing, especially before and after interacting with clients. We have also provided hand sanitizer for our clients to use while in the building so that they can help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Sanitization is Key

We are regularly sanitizing all surfaces, especially high touch points like door handles and countertops. We also had a bit of a “face lift” to help us keep our building healthier and cleaner for everyone. These upgrades include floors, furniture and treatment materials that are more easily sanitizable. 

We understand that properly disinfecting treatment rooms between clients is of the utmost importance in stopping the spread of the virus. Because of this, we have increased our downtime between clients to ensure enough time to properly disinfect all surfaces. It also serves to help keep traffic in our waiting area at lower levels throughout the day. 

Because COVID-19 is also spread through small aerosolized particles in the air, we have placed TruSens air purifiers throughout the building. These purifiers ensure filtering of viruses and bacteria for a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. 

COVID Ready Badge Certified

We really do take safety seriously during these trying times and we have the proof! We received the COVID Ready Badge. 

Our Facial Services

We offer 100% customized facials that are more than just a fluff and buff! At the Wellness Collective, we believe that no two people are alike and that facials should be done to fit your specific skin care needs and goals. Every facial includes aromatherapy to help you unwind and relax, then our licensed estheticians get to work to help you achieve your skin care objectives. You will also have the opportunity to choose between a sinus drainage, hand and arm, scalp or jade roller massage. 

Our facials are 30 or 60 minutes and you can bump it up a notch with custom treatments:

  • AromaTouch Technique: a clinical application of 8 specific essential oils applied with specific, repeated motions to activate the “parasympathetic” nervous system, which promotes relaxation and balance.
  • Microdermabrasion: a medical-grade, non-invasive rejuvenating skin treatment that utilizes organic baking soda crystals to gently buff the skin and remove dead skin cells which promotes skin cell turnover, improving the skin’s appearance and elasticity. 
  • Chemical Exfoliation: utilizes glycolic, salicylic lactic and/or TCA chemical exfoliants; an in-depth  consultation is done to select which product is best suited for your skin type, daily activities and lifestyle as well as your long and short-term skin care goals. 
  • Dermaplane: a physical exfoliation procedure that gently “shaves” the skin’s surface to remove the top-most layer of dead skin cells as well as the fine, vellus hair often referred to as “peach fuzz.”
  • Acne Zap: a simple and easy procedure that uses high frequency light to destroy the bacteria inside of pimples.
  • Nano-needling: an option to help in total skin rejuvenation. 
  • We also offer back facials, various waxing services, and brow and lash treatments.

We go the extra mile to not only ensure your health and safety, but to also provide you with a relaxing and calming experience to help you meet your skin care goals. Book your next appointment with us today!

How Does Cryoskin Work? 

How This Revolutionary Treatment can Create a Leaner, More Sculpted Body and Face

Cryoskin is revolutionizing the way we look at weight loss and plastic surgery. It is a trio of noninvasive treatments for slimming, toning and cellulite reduction. On average, we’ve seen a 38% fat reduction over five sessions! But just how does Cryoskin work? Well, let’s dive into how cryoskin works as well as the three treatments available.

How Cryoskin Works

Cryoskin is a painless and convenient way to effectively decrease fat cells and increase natural collagen production. This revolutionary treatment can be used to treat both face and body with CryoToning and CryoSlimming techniques.  Cryoskin treatments use cold temperatures to destroy fat cells through a process called apoptosis; the fat cells are then eliminated via the urinary and sweat systems. 

The CryoFacial is also known as a “Non-Surgical Facelift” or “Anti-aging facial” and uses a process of thermal shock to eliminate wrinkles. The vascular system is put through a series of warm and cold temperatures which move nutrients much quicker causing the production of collagen and elastin. This creates a lifted, youthful appearance and smoother texture of the skin’s surface, and many love the relaxing massage that is gained in the process. 

Overall, Cryoskin is a great way to eliminate stubborn fat, creating a leaner, more sculpted appearance. In fact, academic research confirms the treatment’s effectiveness of tearing down fat cells and increasing blood flow, resulting in weight loss and skin toning! 

Is Cryoskin Safe?

We do want to note that when it comes to weight loss, there is work behind every inch and pound you lose and we recommend speaking with an expert about a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Or chat with your doctor to see if you are a candidate for cryo treatments. 


CryoSlimming is a treatment similarly referred to as CoolSculpting; it is used to destroy fat cells in the body. During CryoSlimming a wand or “static heads” are utilized in the treatment process. Depending on which machine is used, the Cryoskin Expert massages the area with a specially designed tool, or “wand” as they call it; this is the source that conducts the hot and cold temperatures. The treatment begins with heat to bring fat cells to the surface causing it to expand; the fat is then cooled rapidly to sub-zero temperatures. This process triggers the destruction of the fat cells and due to the manual technique there is no harm done to the surrounding tissue. Cryoksin is unique as the thermal shock of the treatment is typically not painful with minimal side effects; we often hear itchy or red appearance in the treatment area. You’re in and out in less than an hour and over the next couple of weeks your body naturally flushes the destroyed fat cells. This process may make you feel thirsty, so be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water; this also helps flush the system more rapidly. We recommend a series of treatments for best results; our experts design a plan especially for you when you book a complimentary consultation. 


CryoToning helps reduce cellulite on the body. The device used for this treatment is similar to that of CryoSlimming, but in this case, there is no heat involved, just the extremely cold temperatures. These cold temps cause vasodilation, or the widening of the blood vessels, which stimulates blood flow. This in turn accelerates metabolism and stimulates collagen production and skin elasticity. Over time, increased collagen helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. As with CryoSlimming, we recommend a series of treatment sessions for best results. 


During a Cryoskin facial you can expect your cryoskin technician to provide you with a specially designed facial massage integrating warm and cold temperatures. Similar to CryoToning, this helps to boost blood flow and increase collagen production, increasing skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We have even seen an improvement in skin tone and overall glow.  We do recommend a series of treatments and when we “front load” your facials you will likely notice more long-term positive effects such as wrinkle reduction. 


Cryoskin is a wonderful treatment to eliminate stubborn fat and wrinkles, creating a leaner, more sculpted you! It is important to remember that CryoToning and CryoSlimming are not treatments for major weight loss; that needs to be done through the hard work of exercise and a healthy diet. However, these treatments do work best on people who are close to their optimal weight but have some areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. 

If you are ready for a more sculpted appearance or need help reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, book a Cryoskin appointment with us! We even measure and track your progress every session and celebrate your success with you!

Protect Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Why Self-Care Is So Important Plus Our Top Tips to Help Lift Your Spirits

Coronavirus has undoubtedly brought many changes to your life. Along with changes, it has also caused a lot of uncertainty, which can lead to stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and loneliness. All this emotional stress is not only mentally exhausting, but it can also have ill effects on your physical health, such as weight gain, loss of energy and muscle tightness. 


With this in mind, it is more important than ever to practice self-care to protect yourself from the negative effects of stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Here are some of our top self-care tips to help you beat back stress and anxiety.


Get a Massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing and calming therapeutic massage! Stress can physically build up in your muscles, resulting in increased tension and pain. Getting a massage can help work that tension out and improve circulation, leaving you feeling more relaxed. 


At the Wellness Collective, we offer 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute massages, along with the ability to customize with a variety of massage techniques including Heated Deep Tissue Bamboo, Neuromuscular, Reiki, Hot Stone and more! We’ve been taking every precaution to keep you and our staff safe during this time to give you even more peace of mind during this stressful time. 

Get a Facial

Facials are not only good for your skin but are good for your mood too. Facials can help you unwind and relax while detoxifying your skin. Suffering from mascne (acne caused by wearing a mask)? Getting a facial can help!

We offer 30 and 60 minute facials at the Wellness Collective. And because no two people are alike, we customize your facial to meet your unique skin goals. We offer add-ons like Microdermabrasion, Chemical Exfoliation and Acne Zap, just to name a few.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can help lift our spirits or calm our minds. Diffuse lavender to calm your mind or try peppermint or a citrus oil to help uplift your mood. Adding peppermint to a foot bath or massage can also provide a cooling effect to sore and achy muscles. 

When you book your next massage or facial at the Wellness Collective, add on AromaTouch Technique. This clinical application of 8 specific therapeutic grade essential oils is applied using specific motions repeatedly to help relax and balance the central nervous system. 

Center Yourself

Calm and center your mind and body by practicing meditation, yoga or utilizing breathing exercises. There are many apps you can download to your smartphone to help guide you through your exercise all in the comfort of your own home.

Keep a Healthy Diet

Be sure to eat plenty of nutritious foods and avoid binging on too many surgery and carb-loaded treats. Make sure that you are also continuing to get in your daily exercise as well.

Get Enough Sleep

We know that it might be hard to get good sleep these days, but it is key to helping you beat stress. If you are finding that you are having problems drifting off to sleep, diffuse lavender or another calming scent at bedtime. 

Do Something You Love

Doing what you love is a sure-fire way to put a smile on your face. Whether it’s binging several episodes of a favorite TV show, knitting or going for a hike, it is sure to help lift your mood. 

Get Help When You Need It

It’s important to recognize when feelings of anxiety and depression aren’t going away and to  reach out when you need help. Speak with someone you trust about how you are feeling. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.