For those of you living with systematic pain or have trouble enjoying a massage due to pressure or pain, cupping may be your solution.  As our resident expert Teddy explains, “cupping is a form of myofascial release that relieves muscle aches due to pain, stress, and soreness.  It stimulates blood flow and removes toxins through the lymphatic system, which can affect every system in the body.” 

To understand how cupping works, think of your body as layers in a cake. Your top layer is your skin and is held in place by the next frosting like layer known as fascial tissues.  Just like frosting, fascial tissues are sticky and allow the skin to adhere to the next lower layer, your muscles. The frosting, or your fascial tissues help with stabilizing your skin to your muscles yet can also adjust to your routine and in some areas of the body can collect and cause decreased mobility and a decrease blood and neuron flow.

When the cups are placed upon these collected areas, they create a suction that allows your fascial tissues to stretch which allows any stagnant areas fresh blood flow to increase range of motion and over all healing.  Although the after-affect looks like painful bruising, it is a healing and stress relieving therapy.  The after bruising usually only lasts a few days, but the effects last much longer.  You can also minimize the bruising by staying hydrated. 

Our Urban Squeeze founder Rachael Smolinski can attest to the healing benefits.  As a mother of two who stays active and is often on her feet most of the work week, she sought out cupping to relieve chronic pain, she says, “I had a punishing bone spur in the joint of my ring finger and couldn’t place any pressure on my hand. After my first cupping session the bone spur was completely gone.  I don’t know if cupping will work for everyone this way, but I have been experiencing chronic tension and have felt so free after a treatment. I literally crave cupping now!”

Teddy has been in body work for over 10 years and understands how to accommodate everyone she works with.  It is vital for her to understand pressure preferences and pain tolerance to create lasting effects and desired outcomes.

We often recommend cupping for not only those who are suffering from pain, but also those with chronic illness that need relief or even individuals who are trying to combat infertility.  Teddy really loves cupping because it is an excellent way to achieve lasting results in a short period of time.  Her schedule is filling up, so book your cupping therapy now.