Essential Oils

At Urban Squeeze we believe in the power of essential oils for a holistic approach to improving health and wellness.  Essential oils can help treat common ailments more effectively.  Aromatherapy helps trigger certain states of mind for relaxation, rejuvenation, and more.

We use essential oil blends in all of our services at Urban Squeeze and are happy to explain the methodology behind the use of specific oils.

If you would like to purchase essential oils from the doTerra collection, you may order or purchase directly from our office.  Contact us for specific availability or ordering.

What is an essential oil?

We are surrounded by naturally occurring scents in nature all the time.  These are the result of aromatic compounds found in stems, flowers, roots, seeds, bark, and more in plants.  Throughout history, people have used essential oils for food preparation, health care, and beauty treatments. After studying these oils and their capabilities, therapists have created blends of oils and combinations to work together to stimulate specific benefits and emotions such as relaxation, rejuvenation, and more.