Running a marathon this summer? Avid cyclist or golfer?  More than likely you are putting perpetual stress on your muscles and body which can affect your performance and endurance.  Here are Urban Squeeze we believe not only in taking care of the aftermath your body undergoes, but also working to maintain your peak strength for continues growth.  Our resident Sport Massage expert John is just the therapist to take care of all your physical needs.  Not only does he specialize in Sports Massage, he also has in-depth knowledge and practice in Neuromuscular Therapy, Myokinetic techniques, and Kinesiology.  

Through his own journey of pushing his body to it’s limits he has discovered that he found the best results through massage and especially with Myofacial release, or pain relief therapy, stating “I like to do sports massage because of the recovery I’ve received from it myself.  I noticed looseness in my muscles and received more freedom of movement.  Anyone seeking a specific goal for their cycling, running, swimming, golfing, etcetera will benefit from sports massage and neuromuscular therapy.”

With over twelve years of experience John is truly a master of his craft and we are pleased to have him as our resident expert.