What to Get for the Person Who Has Everything

We all have that friend or family member who is really hard to buy gifts for. We know that struggle and it can be anxiety inducing! But fear not! Here are our best gift ideas for the person who has everything.

For the Person Who is Stressed

In this fast-paced world, stress and anxiety are on the rise. For the person who is stressed, gift them a treatment that will help them relax. Try treating them to a nice relaxing massage. We customize every session to the client’s specific massage therapy goals and go the extra mile to make sure they drift away into ultimate relaxation. Massage therapy also helps improve mental clarity, circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

Stress can also cause acne to flare up. If your friend or family member is dealing with stress acne, treat them to a facial with extractions with our Face Reality Acne Lab! No one has to live with embarrassing acne as we work to detoxify the system and clear the skin. 

For the Person Who is Choosing to Live Healthier

Choosing to live healthier can be such a boost for the mind, soul and body! Help your friend or family member achieve or stick to their wellness goals with our IV Infusion Therapy! This treatment delivers supplements your body craves directly to the bloodstream, giving maximum effect and minimal waste! It also nourishes the body with ultimate hydration from the inside out. Choose from a variety of IV therapies such as the Energy and Metabolism IV which helps kick-start your metabolism or the Jet Lag IV to rehydrate the body and detox the system. 

For the person who is looking to lose weight, we offer comprehensive, holistic weight loss treatments, including nutrition and health management services, Cryoskin Fat, and Lipo B IM Injections. 

For the Person Who Needs Rejuvenation

Here at the US Wellness Collective, we understand that looking good can help you feel good! Give your friend or family member a boost of confidence with some rejuvenating treatments, like our luxurious, customizable facials. We offer advanced skin care options such as chemical exfoliation and microdermabrasion for healthy skin that glows. 

Or give your loved one the gift of a more youthful appearance with a Cryoskin Facial treatment that fights the signs of aging. Cold temps help boost collagen production, helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. 

If cold temps aren’t their thing, gift them with one of our medical aesthetic beauty treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, or a PRP (platelet rich plasma) facial or hair loss treatment.  

For the Person Who Needs Relief

If your loved one suffers from a chronic health condition or chronic pain, give them the gift of relief. Start with IV Infusion Therapy for direct delivery of immune boosting or pain relief supplements. Our Immunity IV is perfect for those with an immune disorder as it works to boost the immune system. Our Myer’s Cocktail helps alleviate chronic symptoms such as pain and asthma and can boost immunity as well. 

Go deeper with a Cryo Pain treatment, which uses cold therapy to help deliver amazing pain relief and other health benefits! 

For the Person Who is Expecting

Prenatal massage therapy can be an instrumental ingredient in prenatal care and is perfect for the person who is expecting. During a prenatal massage session, we work to reduce back pain, tension and hip discomfort. This helps to reduce stress and can work in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. It can also help with an easier delivery as it prepares the body for what is ahead.

Or give the gift of a pregnancy glow facial. Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on our skin, but this facial will bring back that inner glow and zap away acne!

Still Not Sure What to Get?

If you still aren’t sure what to get, try visiting our online store! We offer everything from gift boxes with a $200 gift certificate (like our Tea Time box with everything you need for a divine cup of tea), skin care products (we love the Hale & Hush Eye Mousse to revive stressed and delicate eye skin), supplements (check out PathoGaurd to give the immune system a boost) and even CBD bath bombs for an anti-inflammatory soak!

A Special Gift From US to You

Opt in for a special gift from US on your journey to wellness!