4 Tips For Making the Most out of Self-Care

Self-care is an important part of holistic health. It’s about taking care of our mind, body and soul so that we can be the best version of ourselves. It helps reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety, may help us feel more grounded and connected, and it can even teach us ways to deal with new stress in a healthier way. To get the most benefits from self-care, it is key that you practice it properly and safely. Here are some of our best tips.

Find What Works for You

There are several options when it comes to practicing self-care, but what works for one person may not work for everyone. Finding what works for you is key; as we always say, no two people are alike, therefore try not to buy into someone else’s definition of self-care. While it is important to try out different forms of self-care, if it isn’t working for you, find something that you enjoy and makes you feel excited about your self-care. Doing something that you’re not enjoying can produce the opposite effect and leave you feeling insecure; what is most important is finding what works for you and sticking to it.

Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

As much as we all wish there was, there is unfortunately no magic pill for anything. Therefore, practicing self-care is about making small, sustainable changes over time. Starting out by doing too much can actually overwhelm you, which is the opposite of what self-care should do. Start by adding one small thing to your daily routine, like waking up or going to bed earlier. There are also several 52-week journals out there that are sure to help motivate your self-care journey. You’ll know your self-care choice is working when you begin to experience a positive mood or energy changes. Try some options out and once you find what works, stick with it and slowly begin to add in another small daily self-care routine. 

Believe that You Deserve Self-Care

Things like yoga or buying yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers can be delightful parts of self-care; however, if you don’t believe that you deserve that care, it may actually lead to the feeling of guilt. Remember that self-care is a form of health care. Be compassionate with yourself and don’t feel guilty for wanting to take care of yourself. Keep in mind that this is not self-indulgence; this is caring for your well-being, which is an important part of living and enjoying what life has to offer us. 

Seek Out Experts

If you are wanting to do yoga, get a massage or a facial, or just need to talk about your feelings in a healthy way, seek out experts. Make sure that the yoga studio you go to has well-trained teachers to help you do yoga in a way that won’t cause harm to your body. Sometimes doing yoga as a beginner through the aid of an app can result in not properly aligning your body, which can cause more harm than good. It’s also important to ensure that those who work at spas and beauty shops are well trained and licensed in what they do to ensure that you are getting the best care! If you find that writing in a journal, taking hot baths or any other form of self-care isn’t enough, seeking counseling is another wonderful option. Talking to someone and asking for help is a step to the right path.

Self-Care with US

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