At the Wellness Collective, we take the safety of our clients and our employees very seriously. We understand the important role self-care plays during these highly stressful times. We also know that acne issues don’t stop just because of the pandemic. In fact, you may have noticed new or more acne on your face caused by wearing a face mask often. This phenomenon has been referred to as “mascne.” With your needs in mind as well as the importance of safety during the pandemic, we have implemented many safety precautions to keep you and our staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic so that you can continue to enjoy the treatments you have come to know and love at the Wellness Collective.

Basic Safety Protocols

Like many businesses, we are following both CDC and DORA guidance when it comes to safety during this pandemic. These basic safety protocols include wearing of masks as well as frequent handwashing, especially before and after interacting with clients. We have also provided hand sanitizer for our clients to use while in the building so that they can help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Sanitization is Key

We are regularly sanitizing all surfaces, especially high touch points like door handles and countertops. We also had a bit of a “face lift” to help us keep our building healthier and cleaner for everyone. These upgrades include floors, furniture and treatment materials that are more easily sanitizable. 

We understand that properly disinfecting treatment rooms between clients is of the utmost importance in stopping the spread of the virus. Because of this, we have increased our downtime between clients to ensure enough time to properly disinfect all surfaces. It also serves to help keep traffic in our waiting area at lower levels throughout the day. 

Because COVID-19 is also spread through small aerosolized particles in the air, we have placed TruSens air purifiers throughout the building. These purifiers ensure filtering of viruses and bacteria for a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. 

COVID Ready Badge Certified

We really do take safety seriously during these trying times and we have the proof! We received the COVID Ready Badge. 

Our Facial Services

We offer 100% customized facials that are more than just a fluff and buff! At the Wellness Collective, we believe that no two people are alike and that facials should be done to fit your specific skin care needs and goals. Every facial includes aromatherapy to help you unwind and relax, then our licensed estheticians get to work to help you achieve your skin care objectives. You will also have the opportunity to choose between a sinus drainage, hand and arm, scalp or jade roller massage. 

Our facials are 30 or 60 minutes and you can bump it up a notch with custom treatments:

  • AromaTouch Technique: a clinical application of 8 specific essential oils applied with specific, repeated motions to activate the “parasympathetic” nervous system, which promotes relaxation and balance.
  • Microdermabrasion: a medical-grade, non-invasive rejuvenating skin treatment that utilizes organic baking soda crystals to gently buff the skin and remove dead skin cells which promotes skin cell turnover, improving the skin’s appearance and elasticity. 
  • Chemical Exfoliation: utilizes glycolic, salicylic lactic and/or TCA chemical exfoliants; an in-depth  consultation is done to select which product is best suited for your skin type, daily activities and lifestyle as well as your long and short-term skin care goals. 
  • Dermaplane: a physical exfoliation procedure that gently “shaves” the skin’s surface to remove the top-most layer of dead skin cells as well as the fine, vellus hair often referred to as “peach fuzz.”
  • Acne Zap: a simple and easy procedure that uses high frequency light to destroy the bacteria inside of pimples.
  • Nano-needling: an option to help in total skin rejuvenation. 
  • We also offer back facials, various waxing services, and brow and lash treatments.

We go the extra mile to not only ensure your health and safety, but to also provide you with a relaxing and calming experience to help you meet your skin care goals. Book your next appointment with us today!