6 Tips to Improve the Health and Complexion of Your Skin

Acne can be annoying, embarrassing and even painful. If not properly treated, it can become infected and inflamed or leave you with permanent scarring. If you are struggling with acne, here are six tips to follow to improve the health and complexion of your skin and reduce those unsightly bumps. 

Check in with Your Diet

Remember that saying “you are what you eat”? Well, surprisingly enough when it comes to your skin this is often the case. There are several studies on how dairy and gluten (just to name a few) can negatively impact your skin, speak with a Nutritionist or Acne Expert to see how they can help you heal your skin from the inside out.

Work with a Licensed Aesthetician

When it comes to battling acne, seek out licensed aestheticians that have specialty training in acne who will help that can help you gain control over your skin. They provide professional face cleaning and rejuvenating services that when paired with home treatments can help you reap the maximum benefits of your entire skincare regimen. Our skin cell turnover happens about every 28 plus days. This means that with most acne, you should be getting a facial at least once a month. For more inflamed and chronic acne, a more intensive program may be needed to clear your skin. 

At the US Wellness Collective, we offer Acne Lab services that are curated to meet your specific skincare goals. We offer professional facials, consultation and client education to make sure that your skin is healthy and clear. 

Don’t Dry Out or Irritate Your Skin

There’s an old myth out there that drying out your acne can help get rid of those bumps, but that just isn’t true. When you dry out your skin, it will produce more oils to rehydrate your skin, and sometimes it will overproduce those oils which can be a cause of acne. So resist the urge to dry out those pimples!

You also don’t want to irritate your skin, especially if it is sensitive. Use gentle products and don’t over-exfoliate. Scrubbing your face daily with grainy cleansers can actually do more harm than good. When done too often, it can cause inflammation and irritation. It can even pull away healthy skin cells from a pimple, creating an open wound with a higher risk of scarring. Limit exfoliation to no more than two to three times a week. 

Wash Your Face Properly

There are a few rules to washing your face properly. The first is to pick the right cleanser. Pay close attention to your skin’s needs and pick the right cleanser and ingredients carefully. For oily skin, try cleansers with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid. For sensitive skin, try a cleanser with lactic acid or hydrating ingredients like glycerin. 

Second, make sure you cleanse and wash your face twice a day to keep those breakouts away! For those nights when you are just too tired to wash your face, keep some face wipes on hand. It’s better than skimping altogether. Also, be sure to regularly change your face towel. Dirty towels can harbor bacteria which can lead to more breakouts. As long as you are truly washing off all your makeup, you can change out your face towel on a weekly basis.  

Lastly, make sure you wash your face post workout. After sweating, you’ll want to use an exfoliating cleanser or wipe to keep your pores clear. If you have acne on other parts of your body, make sure you take a shower as soon as possible after a workout. 

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated which means your oil glands won’t be overproducing and causing breakouts. Choose a lightweight, oil-based product that won’t clog your pores. 

Reduce your use of Makeup

Foundation and concealers may help cover those frustrating blemishes, but the truth is they actually clog the pores. This stops your skin from being able to breathe, and in some cases it’s difficult to clean all of the makeup out of your pores when you wear it consistently.  Try the 100 days without makeup challenge and you are sure to see results in just a few short months. 

Take Action Today

You don’t have to live with embarrassing acne anymore. Our licensed aestheticians work with you to create your own unique skincare cocktail to help improve your skin. We also offer customized facials, consultations and skincare education. Start your journey to better skin today by booking a skincare appointment at the Wellness Collective today!


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