Vampires, Microneedling and Facials, Oh My!

No, we aren’t talking Twilight and Edward Cullen here. Rather, we are talking about using your own blood (your platelets to be exact) to treat your skin and give it a more youthful look. You’ve probably heard all about the facial style that Kim K made famous, but what is the difference between this vampirish treatment and PRP(platelet rich plasma) treatments like microneedling + PRP? Let’s dive into the two different treatment styles and their benefits.


The Kim Kardashian Facial Treatment

Sometimes referred to as a “vampire facelift,” this treatment involves drawing your own blood. Your blood is then processed in a centrifuge to create PRP which is then injected into the skin as a dermal filler. PRP helps stimulate the growth of collagen (what helps keep your skin strong and looking youthful) and leaves your skin smoother, fuller and rejuvenated. 


Microneedling + PRP: Topical Application of PRP

Like the facial style Kim K made famous, your blood is drawn and processed for the platelets. However, instead of injecting the PRP into your skin as a filler, a facial treatment known as microneedling is used as the channel to get the PRP deeper into your skin. In microneedling, a device is used to create micro-injuries on the surface of your skin with very small needles. These thousands of micro-injuries help stimulate the body’s response into “healing” those micro-injuries, and in the process, creates collagen and elastin. When you combine this treatment with PRP, it is applied topically as the PRP can penetrate the skin deeper through the micro-injuries, delivering a bigger dose of platelets to the area, boosting collagen production. 


What are the Added Benefits of Topical PRP?

With microneedling + PRP, there is less pain and “down time” compared to the injections. Topical PRP is safe and ideal for virtually all skin types. Not only can topical PRP applications treat fine lines and wrinkles, but it also can help with a variety of other skin issues, such as stretch marks, acne scarring and even hair loss! 


What are the Side Effects of PRP?

Topical PRP has minor side effects and is minimally invasive. You can expect some mild irritation and tenderness at the sites that received microneedling, which can last about two days. You might also see some minor bruising and swelling. Because you are using your own blood to create the PRP, you won’t have any allergic reactions to the PRP. 


What can I Expect from Results?

Because PRP stimulates your own body to produce collagen and elastin, you won’t see all of the results immediately. Within a few weeks of treatment, you’ll notice a sustained difference in the volume and texture of your skin. Microneedling + PRP does require multiple sessions for the optimal results but treatments are only recommended every six to nine months for maintenance.


Start Your More Youthful Skin Journey Today!

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