What is the Urban Squeeze Wellness Program?

At Urban Squeeze we want to create a space of healing and overall mind and body wellness. We employ the best quality products like doTERRA essential oils and have experts ready to customize your experience. We know that being continuous with your treatments can be difficult, so we have made it easy for you by offering you a flexible wellness program.  Our Wellness Program offers four choices, so you can choose what fits within your lifestyle.  We encourage you to ask questions and our experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help guide you.  

Consistent therapies are not only relaxing but also promote mind and body healing. By joining the Urban Squeeze Wellness Program, you will not only save money but look and feel great too!



Need additional services in a month? Enjoy 25% off all add on services or upgrades. In addition, any unused services will roll over (up-to three months) or share them with your friends and family.


Options to Join our growing community:

$79 – Monthly 60 minutes of massage, dermaplaning, or facial

$109 – Monthly 90 minutes of massage, microdermabrasion or two 30-minute massages

$300 – Monthly two Cyroskin facial treatments (MUST be used during month and do not rollover) 

$550 – Monthly two silhouette slimming or toning or Cryoskin facial treatments (MUST be used during month and do not rollover)