Are You Familiar with the Zendocrine Oil Blend?

Many people have recently learned the benefits of essential oils and their uses to help regulate the body’s systems. These oils can help relieve tension, ease pain, and relax the body, even going so far as to help with anxiety and depression.  One of the most versatile of these essential oils is Zendocrine, which is actually a blend of four single oils.  This particular oil can help you to cleanse your body of toxins and improve your overall health.

How does Zendocrine help your health? 

First and foremost, Zendocrine has been found to cleanse the liver.  This organ helps to filter your blood as it passes from your digestive tract to be circulated throughout the rest of your body.  Your liver cleanses your body of chemicals and toxins built up and even helps your body process your medications. Unfortunately, our environment is full of toxins.  We unknowingly absorb and collect these through the air, water, our food and even medicines. As these toxins build up in our system, it can throw other parts of our body into disarray leading to a variety of health problems.  

By purging the body of these toxins, Zendocrine can help other parts of the digestive tract such as the colon and kidneys, and it can help other systems stay healthy such as the lungs and heart in the cardiovascular system. 

It does this through the unique blend of four different oils in one, including antioxidants clove and rosemary. The clove can help with endocrine disorders while rosemary is great for treating diabetes as well as stress-related fatigue.  It also contains geranium oil to balance hormones and assist the liver and pancreas as well as grapefruit oil that can cleanse your kidneys and lymphatic system. It has also been found to help with keeping hair and skin looking healthy.

How do you use Zendocrine?  

Perhaps the easiest way to use Zendocrine is to apply a few drops to your stomach or the soles of your feet. This way, it is absorbed through your skin and helps to cleanse your body.  You can also either take the oil orally with just a drop a day or add a couple of drops to your water or tea.  As with any essential oil that contains citrus elements, Zendocrine may cause sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, so it is a good idea to avoid direct sunlight for up to twelve hours after applying or ingesting Zendocrine.  Any time you add something new to your health regimen, you should consult with a health professional to make sure there will not be adverse reactions.